The Stan Lee

Business Consultancy

The Stan Lee Consultancy Services is an independent multi-disciplinary provider specialising in developing solutions for clients in the Public and Private sectors

Our quality-driven approach to consultancy along with our commitment to delivering practicable action-based solutions have been developed and honed over a decade through the Directors of the company.

We understand the importance of personal interaction in establishing a successful working relationship and insist on high levels of face-to-face contact that many of our competitors are unable to match. 

Our philosophy and attitude are founded on the need for continuous improvement, and our desire to seek a competitive edge. Our services are challenging in nature, refreshing in approach and endorsed by many of our clients.


The Stan Lee’s unique action-based style has drawn an increasingly impressive and satisfied client base including government departments, regional government offices, local authorities, large and small private sector companies, charitable and voluntary sector organisations and a wide range of partnerships throughout the country.

Our aim is to be the first choice to clients on the services we provide. We believe that our approach is unique in that we offer a service that adds value in the realisation of our client’s goals whilst satisfying our own passion for achieving excellence.

We have gained considerable reputation for independent quality work and have been at the forefront of supporting companies in the public and private sectors. We have worked hard over the past three years to develop specific and tailored services to maximise the impact for individual clients.

Outlined below are five key elements that we bring to all the work we undertake:

  • Innovative Approach – We have pioneered specific processes to engage clients of all sizes. As well as utilising tried and tested methodologies our unique approach to all work, we undertake allows us to build on and develop innovative solutions to everything we do. 
  • Experienced Team – All our staff members have been drawn from specific industries with a proven track record and portfolio in the area they lead on. As active practitioners in their field, they consist of highly enthusiastic individuals who take great pride in providing action-based solutions and placing the needs and interests of clients first.
  • Ethical Approach – We have in-depth knowledge of the different needs, driving forces and sensitivities that exists within the private, public and third sector. We place a great deal of care and attention to ensure that we do not work with clients who offer unethical or immoral products and services. We take responsibility to maintain and preserve our neutral stance as an independent and unaffiliated company.
  • Working in Partnership – We have extensive experience of working in partnership with a wide range of cross-sectoral partnerships to develop projects and strategies to improve delivery. We pride ourselves on our ability to work within large and multi-disciplinary teams and adding value to projects that we are engaged in. 
  • Corporate and Social Responsibility – We are firmly committed to the view that a community cannot be regenerated without the close involvement of the business community. We take our Corporate Social Responsibility seriously and play an active role in local communities. Our unique position and approach allow our clients to work closely with us in our efforts to support communities and make a real difference. 


Each of the above elements will be implicit within our approach and be evident from start to completion of projects that we undertake. Our aim is to be the first choice to clients on the services we provide. 

Quality Standards: We understand that our clients take comfort in knowing that quality is at the heart of everything we do. We are an active practitioner of a number of quality standards, recognised at national and international levels. We adhere to strict in-house protocols to ensure that our clients will always receive the high levels of service, confidentiality and efficiency that they expect and deserve.


Our internal project management guidelines are outlined below.


  • All work is carried out under the direct control of a senior director who co-ordinates the work of the project team, including holding regular project co-ordination meetings and managing the overall project timescale and budgets.
  • All projects are allocated a unique number and time spent on them is recorded within our time management systems.
  • At the commencement of the project a Project Execution Plan is drawn up in Gantt chart format, which details proposed activities, timetables with milestones to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.
  • The Project Execution Plan is kept live at all times so that at any time we are able to inform clients of time spent on their project to date and the time remaining.


We follow a strict client confidentiality policy governing the use of client information. We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office and abides by the Data Protection Act 1998 and all subsequent codes of conduct entailed therein.